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KizzAfro Festival Tickets

Social Pass
from 90 EUR
  • from May 1st till September 18th 90 EUR
  • from September 19th till February 18th 95 EUR
  • from February 19th till April 18th 100 EUR
  • from April 19th till May 18th 110 EUR
  • At the entrance 120 EUR

Social Pass include:

  • — Three main parties (4th, 5th and 6th of June)
  • — Social Room on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (+ bonus socials on Wednesday and Thursday)
  • — Open air on Saturday and Sunday
One class
15 EUR (at the entrance)
Includes one workshop according to the schedule.
River Boat Party
20 EUR
For Full and Social pass owners only! The number of participants is limited!
PARTIES on 1, 2, 3 and 7 June (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday)
10 EUR (at the entrance)
  • Parties on Wednesday and Thursday include 2 hours of bonus workshops.
  • Social Room on Wednesday and Thursday – 10 EUR (for those who don’t have Full/Social Pass)
  • Party on Tuesday 5 EUR (at the entrance)
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