- participants of KIZZAFRO 2023 Dance Festival (about 800-1200 people);
-natives from Africa and their families living in Russia;
- ambassadors of African countries, representatives of Moscow authorities and mass media;
- experts in design and fashion;
- famous art and culture figures;
- travelers and lovers of exotic countries;
- connoisseurs of music and art.
Our guests are:
Our objectives:

- to reveal the diversity of culture of various African countries through music, dance, painting, cooking, cinematography, and crafts;
- to create a universal platform for establishing important business and creative contacts;
- to give some talented artists an opportunity to manifest themselves;
- to perform an educational function by showing the "real Africa" through culture bearers and people close to Africa;
- to bring new feelings and emotions into people's lives.
The main goal of the KIZZAFRO ART week is to promote effective cultural exchange between Russia and Africa, and establishment of friendly intercultural communication.
We are pleased with increasing interest in this amazing continent and are ready to become your guide on the exciting journey.
KIZZAFRO ART - Africa Week in Moscow. An event dedicated to African culture and art.
- dancing;
- playing drums;
-African cuisine;
- making accessories.

Everyone is invited, regardless your skill level.
KIZZAFRO ART will host a series of lectures from cultural bearers and experts on various topics:
- features of the countries of the African continent;
- Africa through the eyes of a Russian linguist and a Cameroonian dancer;
- real life stories.
During the Africa week you can attend a number of master classes on:
African fair
Designers of clothes, accessories and interior items, artists and suppliers of exotic products - hundreds of willing buyers are waiting for you at KIZZAFRO ART 2023.

Unique African goods are all in one place:
- clothing and shoes;
- accessories;
-decor and interior items;
- art objects.
Africa and the world of fashion
Africa has earned a lot of attention in the fashion world. From Nigeria to South Africa talented designers present their creativity to the world. They amaze us with uniqueness and exoticism, interweaving of colorful African ornaments and elegant images.

At KIZZAFRO ART 2023 you will get acquainted with bright collections from traditional African fabrics and materials by African and Russian designers.

We provide an excellent platform for cooperation between fashion designers, sellers of African fabrics, models, as well as photographers and videographers.
At KIZZAFRO ART you will enjoy rich and diverse music of the African continent.

Here is the program for lovers of live music and concerts:
- First time in Russia! DJ Paparazzi & The Kapasoka Symphony Orchestra from Luanda - a new sound of your favorite compositions;
- Live music concert "Melody of the Soul" (kizomba, semba, kompa);
- Live music concert from Cape Verde;
- African drum show.
The boat party is:
- a large motor ship with a great dance floor and professional equipment;
- European DJs;
- artists, musicians, dancers and lovers of African culture;
- bright Nigerian style dress code;
- traditional treats;
- welcome drinks;
- picturesque route: Moscow City, Sparrow Hills, Gorky Park, Monument to Peter I, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Red Square, Novospassky Monastery;
- magnificent views of the masterpieces of metropolitan architecture.
Lagos Boat Party at KIZZAFRO ART 2023!
- performance according to a unique script;
- concert hall with professional sound, lighting and film projection equipment;
- musical accompaniment of the Kaposoka Symphony Orchestra from Luanda;
- vocalists from Nigeria, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau and other countries;
- the best dancers from Africa and Russia;
- fashion show from the best designers.

Grand gala show "Dreams of Africa" as the quintessence of various types of African art:
V.I.P buffet: drinks, treats, live music, pleasant communication.
-it is an impressive 25-storey building specially built for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow ;
- only 2 minutes walk from “VDNH" metro station;
- 3800 sq.m of creative space for exhibitions, lectures, parties and concerts;
- convenient concept - all in one place;
- organization of accommodation and meals;
- concert hall with a capacity of 1000 people;
- modern sound and lighting equipment of the highest level;
- multifunctional outdoor area in front of the hotel.
The venue of KIZZAFRO ART 2023 - COSMOS Hotel (VDNH metro station, Prospect Mira, 150)
Open-airs at KIZZAFRO include:
- open air dances;
- the best DJs and diverse African music;
- Afro-animations and Afro-jams;
-African drum show;
- Russian Party with contests, songs, traditional treats;
- food court with national dishes of African countries;
- sales of African products
The area in front of "Cosmos" hotel annually turns into a creative space with a special festive atmosphere!
Registration on Kizzafro ART

African Culture Week in Moscow, which will be held at the legendary Cosmos Hotel from 1 to 6 June 2023
Ticket on V.I.P. buffet - 4900 rubles

Closed buffet with refreshments and live music for the guests of the event
Ticket on GALA-SHOW "Dreams of Africa" - from 1590 rubles

- performance according to a unique script;
- musical accompaniment of the Kaposoka Symphony Orchestra from Luanda;
- vocalists from Nigeria, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau and other countries;
- fashion show from the best designers.
Ticket on Lagos Boat Party - 3500 rubles

Party on the boat on the Moscow River with magnificent views of the masterpieces of the capital's architecture
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KIZZAFRO organizer
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